Doing Good While Feeling Good

We all know the expected benefits of lounging in a hot tub: relaxing, warm, and it feels great. But something we like to mention at North West Wholesale Pool and Spa are the unexpected benefits a hot tub or spa has to offer. Benefits like:

  1. Better Circulation. The warm water in a hot tub does wonders for your circulation. As your body temperature increases so does your blood flow. This sends well oxygenated blood throughout your body and out to your extremities. Your skin, cells and even organs can benefit from increased blood flow.
  2. Calms Arthritis and other Body Aches and Pains. A relaxing float in a hot tub can relieve pressure on aching joints and muscles. Inflammation on sensitive areas can be reduced. In combination with the relaxing effect of the hot tub, small exercises and stretches can be used to help decrease your pain even further. You may be able to avoid complex therapies or dramatic medications. Instead, let the soothing jets and warm water put your body at ease.
  3. Improved Sleep. A hot tub can be a tremendous help in securing a relaxing nights rest. When your body is cold it can be hard to fall asleep and even harder to maintain a normal sleeping pattern. Hop in the hot tub before bed and let the worries of the day be carried away. With your body warmed after a soak in a hot tub you’ll be able to quickly fall into a deep and rejuvenating sleep.
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