A New Tub for A New Year!

It’s a New Year! Time for some new ways to enjoy winter – like, say, relaxing in a delightfully warm hot tub! North West Wholesale is swimming in hot tub and spa selections and is just waiting to help you find the best option for you to warm up your winter.
North West Wholesale carries brands like IPG Spas. The IPG Spa brand has a hot tub for every home – from elegant luxury to family friendly. All IPG tubs are a breeze to install and even easier to operate!
Another brand that North West Wholesale is proud to carry is Freestyle Spas. Over 20 years of innovation goes in to every Freestyle Spa made. They are dedicated to high performance, long lasting spas. If you are looking for quality – look no further.
In many cases, all you need to get started at your home is a level spot, electricity and access to a working garden hose… and of course, some guidance and expertise from your helpers at North West.
Why not have your transition into 2020 be calm, relaxing and surrounded by bubbles!

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