Round Oceania/Anchor Above Ground Pool Kit

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Oceania / Anchor Resin Above Ground Pool 54″ Wall

Enjoy water that’s crystal-clear, soothing and salted! Oceania has a resin structure that can be combined with any salt chlorination system: a bold, new breed of above ground pool!

The Oceania/Anchor is a sturdy pool with a 100% corrosion-proof resin structure – even the joiner plates and wall channels are made from this rugged material. It’s perfectly compatible with any salt chlorination system with absolutely none of the possible corrosion risks that come with steel-and-salt combinations. Vogue has ensured that metal never comes in contact with the water, making the Oceania a long-lasting piece of summer paradise!

Advantages you can clearly “sea”!

The Oceania/ Anchor offers an incomparable swimming experience, with an ocean of benefits:

  • A crystal-clear pool without a chlorine smell
  • A breeze to maintain
  • Soft, silky water thanks to salinity close to that of the human body
  • Water that’s gentle on the eyes, skin and swimsuits!
  • No need for additional sanitizers

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