6kg HTH Extra Super Shock

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HTH Extra Super Shock with 75% available chlorine is designed to dissolve quickly and provide a ready source of available chlorine in swimming pools. Used according to directions, this product controls algae, kills bacteria and estroys organic contaminants. If any chlorine residual is present, adding 13g per 10,000L of pool water will increase the residual by approximately 1 ppm.


  • 75% Calcium Hypochlorite (available chlorine)

Directions for use:

Maintain recommended daily levels as determined by testing kit.

Free Available Chlorine1.0-3.0 ppm
Total Alkalinity80-120 ppm
Calcium Hardness200-300 ppm
  • For pools stabilized with cyanuric acid, periodic superchlorination is necessary to provide sufficient free available chlorine to control algae, destroy unfiltered organic contaminants, minimize odors and keep your water sparkling clear. Superchlorinate by broadcasting over a large area, mainly in the deep end of the pool at the rate of 65g per 10,000L of pool water. Treatment is generally between 7 to 14 days depending on temperature and pool use.
  • If algae develops resulting in a green color and slimy feeling, shock treatment is necessary. Broadcast over a large area of the pool surface, mainly in the deep end, at the rate of 130g per 10,000L of pool water. If the pool sides or bottom develop algae spots, direct as close to the algae as possible. Immediately after treatment, thoroughly clean pool by scrubbing surface of algae growth, vacuuming and cycling through the filter. Pool should not be entered until chlorine residual is between 1.0-3.0ppm
  • For initial chlorination of pool water add 65g per 10,000L of pool water. Allow 5 minutes for dispersion and then test the chlorine residual with pool test kit. If below 1.0 ppm repeat this dosage until 1.0 ppm is obtained.
  • While the water is still clear and clean, prepare for long periods of disuse by gradually applying 390g per 10,000L of pool water. Run the filter until dispersion is complete. Cover the pool with a plastic pool cover and prepare the heater, pump and filter components for winter by following manufacturer’s directions.