Pool personality

We see all kinds of pool owners come through our doors and we’re always excited to help every one of them. Over the years we have seen all kinds of different pools be made for all kinds of different people. We’ve developed a bit of an eye for what particular pools say about their people.

Standard, rectangular pool

You’re a straight forward, no nonsense kind of person. You’re all about getting down to the business of swimming! You want your pool to be easily accessible, no rocks or garden features to climb over on your way —you want a straight shot to the pool for that perfect canon ball! Once you’re in the pool, laps are a great way to go. A no-nonsense pool design will allow you to get your lap exercises in efficiently and safely; no bumping your head into unexpected corners!

Curvy, asymmetrical pool

Make way for the artist! These gorgeous pools are all about the design and aesthetic. You want your pool to capture a certain feeling —like being lost in a desert oasis in your very own backyard! Your pool area will be filled with water features, plants and décor. It’s not just about the swim, it’s also about the atmosphere. You want a place where you can escape and relax to without having to go on vacation. You are a warm, creative person who knows how to turn every room (and every pool) into a work of art… with the help of your local pool experts, of course!

Minimalist, modern pool

Practical style is the name of your game. You understand the fine balance of form and function. You are a practical person who still enjoys a pleasant aesthetic. Modern style pools are the perfect option for you: a basic, straight forward layout with an extra polished look. You’re not a fan of clutter and love when everything is clean and in its proper place. Talk to us about pool storage options, so you won’t have any pool toys or cleaning equipment lying around.

No matter your style and no matter your personality, we can all agree pools can be a fantastic addition to any home!

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