Everyone Loves Accessories

So, now you have your hot tub or pool – but maybe you’re looking for a little bit more. Thankfully, North West Wholesale have all the ‘MORE’ you could want!

How about some pool mood lighting to help your stress melt away? Check out the Colour Changing Magnetic Pool Light! A durable light with a dazzling array of colour options. It’s the most versatile and easy to use LED pool wall light available. You can choose between a white light, various colors or a color changing show with a variety of modes.

Or perhaps you’re feeling a little snacky. North West Wholesale has something for that too! Take a look at the Cool Cat Inflatable Two Piece Cooler. It has a zipper top for secure and easy access. It’s big enough to hold all your drinks and snacks, but small enough to be transported comfortably.


North West Wholesale Pool and Spa have all kinds of fantastic accessories that will help elevate your hot tub from just a tub into an experience! Contact any of our Pool and Spa experts today to find out how you can take your pool or spa to the next level.

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