Follow these easy steps to get the pool season started smoothly!


  1. Wait for the ice to completely thaw.

  2. Find and inspect all of your pool equipment and chemical products before starting the job.
    - Check the expiration dates of any products and look for any obvious signs of breaks, wear or fatigue in any of your equipment or accessories. Replace any expired or tired accessories.
  3. Remove the winter cover.
    - To do this, you must remove any leaves, water, or other debris from it using a Swimming Pool Cover Pump, pool leaf nets, or pool brushes. When removing the cover, try to minimize the amount of debris that gets into your pool, (although some often does). Once emptied, you should be able to remove the cover without getting any of the winter dirt into your pool.
    - Clean the winter cover using Cover Cleaner, let it dry, and then store it.
    - Remove any winter plugs from the jets or skimmer and connect your pump, filter, and heater. If you have a cartridge filter, check the condition of the cartridge and then re-install the filter element into the filter body if appropriate. If you have a sand filter, make sure it has enough filtering sand inside it as per the specifications of the manufacturer. Sand is slowly lost from the filter through backwashing, so it is good to check the quantity in the tank on a yearly basis. The sand should also be completely changed approximately every 5 years since the sand particles become encased in dirt over time and become significantly less effective. If you notice that it is getting harder and harder to clear up your water, then it may be a sign that your sand needs changing.
  4. Put the pool's accessories back into place:
    - Replace the sight glass (if applicable), this is used to see the colour of the water when performing a backwash. It should be cloudy – dirty and become clear again during the backwash.
    - Reinstall the pressure gauge, which indicates when a backwash is required and the drain cap or plug on the filter
    - Reinstall pump plugs, basket, O-ring on lid (if removed).
    - Reconnect the skimmer to the front of the pump, the valve under the skimmer in front of the pump, the top of the pump to the inlet connection on the filter, and the filter outlet to the water return.
    - Put the skimmer weir door back in its place.
    - Put the skimmer basket in skimmer.
    - Reinstall the water return parts and position them at 45° angle to create a circular circulation pattern in pool.
  5. Fill the pool and turn the filtration system on.
    - Add water to your pool. During the winter shutdown and opening procedures, it is very common for pool water levels to drop. Simply fill your pool back up to its normal operating level and ensure that there is water in the skimmer.
  6. Add water to the pump basket and then turn on the pumping system.
    - Once this is done, you need to make sure that there is no air in the plumbing lines and double-check all the connections for tightness. Check for any leaks. Slowly walk around the pool looking for any leaks in the filter, pump, or the lines themselves
    - Assess the condition of the pool water. If your pool has been closed properly, you will have little if any problems to correct (i.e. algae, dirt, or other debris). The pool water itself should have the same crystal clarity that it had when you closed your pool in the Fall. Remove any floating debris with a leaf skimmer and vacuum up any small debris from the bottom.
  7. Vacuum the pool in the "drain" or "waste" position for heavy debris, and the “Filter” position for light debris. When finished, top up pool as needed.

  8. Add the Opening Kit as per directions.

  9. Take a water sample to North West Wholesale Pool & Spa.
    - Adjust the water's alkalinity, pH, hardness and stabilizer levels.
  10. Once the water is balanced, clean the sand with Filter Clean:
    - Stop the filter.
    - Place the bottle upright in the pump basket to remove excess water.
    - Pour the contents of the bottle into the pump.
    - Run the pump for 5 seconds, and then stop.
    - Let the cleaner work for 12 hours, and then perform a backwash.
  11. Start your pool's regular sanitation and maintenance program. Try using a Simplicity Kit. Use it only once a week, stress free.

  12. Check the locking mechanism on your pool gate, discuss swimming pool safety procedures with your children, and then get ready to enjoy your swimming pool!

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